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Calligraphy Today

calligraphy today

The word Calligraphy comes from the Greek word, meaning, the art of beautiful writing, and goes back as far as 500 BC. The Roman alphabet, like the rest of its civilisation, was strongly influenced by the Etruscans, who migrated to Italy from Asia Minor via Egypt, absorbing much of the Greek culture. Before the invention of printing calligraphy was vitally important as a means of storing and transmitting the written word. For centuries scribes produced books by hand and we have much to learn from their methods. The modern student of calligraphy turns to historical scripts for an understanding of letterforms. The act of reading has become an everyday skill that most of us take for granted. Calligraphy helps us to see what we are reading by making the words beautiful.

In short Calligraphy is a powerful tool for communicating the written word in the modern world.